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Examination & Procedure Tables

Midmark Ritter

A1Medical Sales offers a wide selection of Midmark / Ritter Medical Exam/ Procedure tables to provide patient comfort and additional support for yourspecial needs patients.

Exam Tables are designed with patients, physicians and staff in mind. They are the most user-friendly and patient-friendly exam tables in the industry.Our Exam Tables not only built to last, they meet the needs of customers by providing the storage required, are easy to clean and have a fresh, modern look

Featuring a selection of medical exam tables that meet the needs for your practice, A1Medical Sales includes selections designed to accommodate the elderly, expectant mothers and patients with disabilities, easily and efficiently.

Many different types of patients can face a frustrating dilemma in a physician's office?how to get on the exam table. Being able to easily get onto a exam table can increase a patient's comfort during the exam, help the physician conduct a more thorough and accurate exam and increase the satisfaction level of the overall patient experience. Breaking down these barriers in the exam room by having a Barrier-Free exam table will allow for an equality in healthcare that has been nonexistent in the past.